• Fresh is always the best
    • If possible, bring to Dewey's Taxidermy fresh
  • Always bring appropriate DNR numbers


  • Do not gut.

  • Wrap the fish tightly, pressing fins down against the body, in plastic & freeze
  • If fins freeze out away from the body, wrap in a wet towel, then in plastic, and freeze


  • Do not gut or skin
  • Wipe up blood and stop bleeding
  • Let the bird cool and keep all feathers in one direction
  • Make an “S” out of the neck so the bill rests on the breast
  • On longer necks (i.e. Goose), put the head under the wing, and then tack the feet up close to the body
  • Make a small package, wrap in plastic, and freeze

Small Animals

  • Do not gut

  • Squirrels & other small animals: let the animal cool and wrap tight in plastic and freeze

  • Coyote-size animals: if possible, bring in fresh, if not, let cool and freeze
  • Wait to bag the animal until frozen


  • It is best to decide what type of mount you would like: a rug or a life-size mount

  • See diagrams 


  • See diagrams

  • Do not cut the throat

  • Get the deer cooled down

  • Stop gutting incision at the brisket

After Care

  • Keep your mount out direct sunlight

  • Feather dust the mount

  • Light air pressure can clean the mount

  • You may use a damp cloth to wipe the mount





Dewey does all my taxidermy work and does an excellent job.

-Kevin Paulson
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